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ONE OK ROCK personal project - part 2

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May. 15th, 2012 | 06:57 pm

It took longer than I expected. I intended to submit this for OOR scrapbook project which is due tomorrow, but I guess I won't make it in time :(
Inking halfway done, need to add more details and shading. More about the process after the break.

Tracing the outline. I used my tracing desk, it's in A2 size (about 40x60 cm). Well, it's quite big because I use A2 paper for my college assignments. I traced the outline into 4 copies, the paper is Canson.

Fixing the final design. This is the final design for frame and typeface.

I traced the faces, frame, and text.

Start the inking, I started from the face first, and then I made fine outline for the frame, text, and flowers using rapidograph (the size is 0.10). The rapidograph is good for creating fine lines because it can maintain its thickness' consistency. But using it on Canson paper is a pain because the texture of the paper makes it hard to make a fine line.

The hardest part of this stage is when hatching the flower's background. A lot of patience is needed because I had to make straight fine lines.

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