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ONE OK ROCK personal project - part 1

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May. 11th, 2012 | 09:16 pm

So I stumbled upon an awesome artist on tumblr

Her works inspired me to make an artwork of OOR members It's not finished yet, anyway here's the progress so far :

Concepting - I was looking for inspiration in vintage labels and art nouveau. I made a few studies, but in the end I decided to use my first design.

Practice - I want to use birth flower of each member as decorative element, so I practice drawing the flowers because I'm not used to draw flowers. Random picture of Tomoya in a bowl of ramen because I was going through OOR's pictures for Tomoya birthday project.

Proportion study - I tried to use proportion theory (but actually I didn't know what I'm doing, hahaha...). Used AutoCAD because of my OCD-ness over measurements.

First sketch - I printed the outline and sketched on it

Second sketch - Fixed some outline because I don't feel that it's nice enough. I also added more detail and did studies for the frame and typeface, I still haven't decided which design to use.
At this point, I realized that I did too much swirls, so I tried to design another frame. It's quite good, but I'll try another design

I already have pain on my back and my neck, so I will continue tomorrow...

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